About Me

Hi, I’m Debs, a lifestyle blogger from Cambridge in the United Kingdom 🙂

Starting off as a blogger, you’re told to find a niche to write about – something you know well, can discuss with people and share your expertise.

And whilst that’s a great idea for some who excel in a certain area, growing up I never really felt I was exceptional at anything. I was good at things, various things even, but never great.

The difference, however, is my passion.

When I am interested in something, I will work my butt off until I know everything I can about it. And sometimes this interest may only last days, weeks, months – my flavours of the week, my friends, family and partner often say – but in that time I am 100% focused, excited and brimming with life. Until the next thing comes.

Yet, the one thing that has remained consistent in my life is writing.

I started writing non-fiction, screenplays, short stories, and novels when I was very young, and now I write for a living as a copywriter/marketer. I still have novels on the go – I have written four so far – and many articles about business and marketing that you can find on my work website Eleneva.com

(Yes, there are reasons for the ups and downs, my changes of heart, and new ideas of how to get by in life – many of which I will likely write about here in the Wellness section of this site.)

This blog is one of those flavours, definitely. But it’s also one I’m hoping will last.

These pages will be full of my life, loves, experiences, and other things listed below:

  • health (mental, general, fitness, wellbeing)
  • fashion (I still live for those Asos deliveries)
  • food (my biggest love/hate relationship)
  • travel (I have lived in a lot of cities and countries, and I get incredibly itchy feet)
  • outdoors (my partner’s ‘bushcraft’ hobby is something I love to write about)

Fasten your seatbelts in case of turbulence!