Why I’m Saying Goodbye To Disqus

Blogging, Technology, Wellness / Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Yesterday was a shocker of a day. Not only did the Cambridge countryside look like a scene out of Silent Hill, but my hopes and dreams of being a blogger came crashing down around me.

Okay, maybe I’m being melodramatic.

But when it all kicked off, it actually did feel like that. *Sniff*

Disqus: Helping Publishers Increase Engagement

I absolutely loved Disqus when I first came across it. I was trying to comment on a very popular blogger’s website, but couldn’t because she had this fancy commenting system that I had to sign up for.

So, I did.

And I loved it!

So much so that I downloaded the plugin for my site too. It looked good, offered great moderation access, and I reckoned it made my blog look really professional. As a newbie blogger, I wanted to fit in with the cool kids and get all the tech to make it feel like I’d been doing it for years. (Hah! I know what you’re thinking – trust me I have already thought it about myself)

Anyway, when people started commenting, I could reply swiftly on my phone, keep up to date, and really engage with people reading my content. I could upvote their remarks, and I could visit their pages and read their stuff too.

It was fab!

Disqus: Helping Publishers Build Loyal Audiences

In my opinion, there is more to just being a blogger than writing a bunch of blog posts. It’s hella important, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a vast amount of other stuff that goes into creating a loyal community.

One of the things I enjoy the most is just reading everyone else’s blogs; seeing what people are doing, what vibrant lives they’re leading, and being able to comment and share my experiences and point of view.

So, I obviously began using Disqus to do this on websites where the plugin was installed.

It was working fine for like a month or so until I started getting flagged as a spammer.

How the mighty have fallen! – 2 Sam 1:19

I mean, what the heck? Spamming people with what? My genuine thoughts?

Okay, maybe it was just a mistake on Disqus’ part. Maybe their algorithm didn’t like the link to my website at the bottom of the comment or something. But I’d seen most commenters doing this, so I thought it was okay.

I did some research and found this entry on Disqus’ help section:

Why are my comments marked as spam or removed?

It explains:

goodbye to disqus

“Awesome!” I thought to myself. “So, I will just stop putting a link to my blog, and that will fix everything. Right?”


Suddenly, every single one of my comments was being flagged as spam. Here are a few of them:

goodbye to disqus goodbye to disqusgoodbye to disqus 

I even tried to comment on a discussion on the Disqus forum which was talking about the exact problem I was facing. It seemed I wasn’t the only one. However, THAT got flagged as spam too.

goodbye to disqus

Then, I tried to create my own discussion, but this was marked as spam as well, and taken down.

All The Kings Horses And All The Kings Men…

I don’t know what it was about this whole fiasco which devastated me so much. I got incredibly upset.

I tried so many different ways of contacting people at Disqus, via Twitter and on LinkedIn to try to get them to stop seeing me as a spammer because, in my head, I wasn’t one. I was just an incredibly active commenter (I try to comment on every blog post I read because – call me old fashioned – I think the blogger deserves it).

I faffed about with this most of the afternoon, searching every nook and cranny of the Disqus website to try to find a real person to talk to, but even on the forums, people were having the same issues and having zero helpful responses. There were some that have been waiting months at a time for the ‘marked as spam’ flags to be taken down, and still, they haven’t been.

Also, Disqus had given me a “Low Reputation” tag because of the number of “spam comments” I’d apparently submitted. And I later discovered – after deleting my account and trying to create a new one – that they had flagged my email address too.

goodbye to disqus

I posted the above by signing up to Disqus via my Twitter account details. It was immediately flagged as spam.

That’s when I knew it was either my email address or my IP address, so I deleted everything and used my other email address. Currently, the test comments I made on this new one haven’t been flagged as spam.

Many websites were saying that using Disqus is pointless for various reasons. And I kept thinking: why should I use this plugin if the same thing could potentially happen to others? And also, was I alienating my readers who DIDN’T use Disqus as a commenting tool? I suppose I was.

My Apologies To You All

I am still completely devastated to have lost all of the wonderful comments that you all have made to my articles and posts. At the time, my anxiety went through the roof, because I hate feeling powerless, and I hate injustice. Everything I wrote to each and every blogger was my true feelings, and it’s horrible when a robot essentially thinks otherwise.

After Alex called me and we talked for a bit (my problems must seem so odd to him sometimes, but bless him he helps me anyway), I started to feel a lot calmer.

I’m so sorry for losing all of your lovely comments by deleting Disqus from my site. And I’m sorry you have to use the regular WordPress commenting system if you want to leave me a message – I know it’s a faff to type details in – but I really appreciate it when you do.

I will try to keep commenting on all your posts – I love reading them – via whatever methods you use. And I will try to use the alternative Disqus account I set up with my other email, but I worry it won’t be long until this gets marked as spam too. I just couldn’t keep the plugin on my own site – I think it’s for the best 🙂


tiger mint debs


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9 Replies to “Why I’m Saying Goodbye To Disqus”

  1. Hello lovely! What a nightmare you’ve had, I’ve never used it on my site but I do use Jetpack which is a plugin. Jetpack itself can slow down websites but you can switch different modules on and off depending on what you need, worth looking up x

  2. That’s a real shame. I don’t have Disqus installed on my blog but I do have a login so I can comment on other’s blogs. It was really bad and still is on phone as you can’t comment even when logged in. It finally works on tablet so I don’t always have to switch on my laptop to comment. A comment tool shouldn’t put you off from commenting!!

  3. This is so odd and I’m so sorry it happened to you. I’m not fond of Disqus because of the sign-up requirement, and even if there is a “comment as guest” option, I don’t think many even see it in the admin panel, and it definitely should be default rather than opt-in. However, I’ve considered Disqus lately because I’ve been looking at other platforms where there is no other option. Now I will wait and see..
    But if you’re using WP you shouldn’t lose your comments by uninstalling Disqus! When I’ve tested it for WP I’ve had all comments copied to Disqus, and when I uninstalled Disqus there was an option to copy the Disqus comments to the database. But this was a long time ago and perhaps it’s too late for you to do it now especially if you deleted your account.

    1. I read that you could keep your comments too, and I tried to before deleting it, but it kept bugging out. I got so frustrated with it in the end that I just deleted it.
      I might have been doing something wrong, but I’m pretty glad I don’t have to worry about it anymore 🙂
      Thanks for reading and commenting xxx

  4. I think I’m going through exactly the same thing! I noticed that my DA had gone right down and when I investigated some more, I noticed that some of my Disqus comments had been marked as spam / blocked on some people’s blogs. I have re-visited the specific blog posts it flagged and tried to edit or delete my previous comments, but no luck. From what you’re saying, is there no way around this? Is the only way to leave Disqus and use a different commenting system?

    1. Hi Lucy, Sorry to hear you’re going through the same thing as me. I deleted my account after suddenly ALL of my comments were being flagged as spam. So, maybe you can still resolve this if you’ve only got a couple. You still have the option of contacting the blog owner/moderator and asking him/her to unflag you as spam. Though I asked about 8 bloggers to do this for me and only 1 did 🙁 So in my case this didn’t really help much. And apparently, according to the algorithm, you still have a ‘reputation’ as a spammer thereafter. Grrr!
      The bad thing about Disqus’ algorithm is that once you start getting flagged, you’re more likely to be flagged again, and suddenly it’s like being dragged into a spammy wormhole (that’s what happened to me and lead me having to remove it).
      The best thing I did was delete it from my site and just use wordpress’ own commenting system. However, I made a brand new disqus account with a new email address so I could comment on other bloggers sites who still use it.
      With this new Disqus account, I make sure not to put any links or anything similar to what I’ve written before. So far so good – I haven’t yet been flagged as spam anywhere, but I’m not holding my breath!
      Sorry again that you’re experiencing this! It really is annoying xx

  5. How awful for you! I have never liked disqus. I resented having to sign up for another product in order to comment. I did not comment on blogs requiring it for a long time because of the Nazi requirement. Finally I gave in and did make an account. I’ve always used WordPress comments but added CleanTalk to prevent spam. It’s fabulous – no one has to have an account. No one has to add numbers. Most of the time they get it right and I check constantly to approve someone they put in spam. Don’t give up! Keep commenting and writing. We need you here in Blogland.

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