10 Inspirational Things To Get Through The Working Week

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For many people, it’s hard to get through the working week. Some days are worse than others.

I don’t know why, but I’ve always found Tuesday a lot harder than Monday. It seems such a nothing day. Monday’s can be annoying sure, they’re the furthest from Friday, but you get to see friends and colleagues again after a busy weekend.

On Tuesday, the conversations have been had, and all that’s left is the monotony of work. Does that sound similar to anyone?

This is why I like to think of things that make me happy; remind myself of why life isn’t always so bad, and why our weekends are worth the wait.

And here’s a few of them:


Get Through The Working Week

I’m an only child, and my father passed away when I was 7 years old from a heart attack. My amazing mother is the most important person in the world to me. She’s the type of person that would take from her own mouth to give to me – and she has on countless occasions.

I have an anxiety disorder thing, and a lot of it is based on anything bad happening to the people I care about – my mum especially. So, for me, family and close friends are the reasons why I still strive to do well day to day.

Laughing With My Boyfriend

Get Through The Working Week

I love laughing so much, and I appreciate humour that is silly, dry, sarcastic, or witty. I’m not that fussy.

Alex’s humour is incredibly sarcastic – to the point where I sometimes don’t even realise he’s joking. But he can make me laugh more than anyone else I know. I love that. And he can also make me laugh at myself; I can be the world’s dizziest person sometimes.

After my working week, I look forward to seeing him, because he makes life that bit brighter ♥


Get Through The Working Week

Prayer is a massive thing which gets me through the week. Having someone there to talk to whenever I need it and explain how I feel is something precious.

With anxiety, day to day responsibilities often feel like an insurmountable weight. But prayer is calming and helps me get through these stresses.


Get Through The Working Week

Through the working week, my colleagues keep me sane. They’re friends who I spend the majority of my time with, and so they know me well. We can laugh together and be silly, and help each other when we really need it. These are the people who are often experiencing the same work stresses as me and can relate. They’re essential to making it through the week.


Get Through The Working Week

I try to go to the gym every morning for a 6.30am class before work. Sometimes I utterly hate myself when the alarm goes off, knowing I have to get up in the cold, pull all my gym clothes on and then stumble to my car.

But when I’m past that barrier and I’m there, doing my stuff, I know it’s the best thing for me. I’ve never once regretted a work-out.

Afterwards, you feel great and are set up for the day. So, I try to remember this feeling when 5.30am calls. It’s definitely one of the things that keep me happy during the working week.

Home Cooking

Get Through The Working Week

I love home cooking. Whether it be my mum’s or Alex’s mum’s meals, they’re both amazing.

There is something so comforting about having your mum cook for you. She knows you better than anyone, she knows what you like, and she does anything and everything to make sure you enjoy it.

I see my mum a couple of times a week, and she is always eager to cook for me when I arrive after work. It’s lovely to be able to see her and spend time with her, and it breaks the week up nicely, which in turn makes it go quicker.

Then at the weekend, I’m often at Alex’s mum’s house, and I’m very lucky that she includes me in meals. She always goes that extra mile when feeding her family and guests. I definitely look forward to eating there 🙂

The Seaside

Get Through The Working Week

I’m lucky to live only an hour or so away from the seaside, on a fairly easy road. So, we often head to the beach whenever we can – I was there last weekend even.

England is often cold and rainy, and so you still have to wear coats, scarves and (for me) fluffy boots. But it’s always worth it to stand, facing the ocean, watching the tide fading in and out.

I like to take a deep, lungful of fresh air and remember I’m fortunate enough to live in a relatively free and safe country.

Finding New Music

Get Through The Working Week

I listen to music on my way to and from work, every day. And I listen to it at home as well. My tastes vary depending on my mood, but when I find a new artist that I enjoy listening to, it’s the best feeling ever!

I have a few friends who share music with me, which is great because I’d spend so much time on Spotify searching otherwise (which I already do).

When I get sent a new song that I love, I’ll listen to it again and again. I actually enjoy driving in my car because I can stream my music through the speakers. This is definitely one of the things which gets me through the working week!


Get Through The Working Week

Writing has been my passion since I was very young. I have written 4 books, and I am a copywriter (and I’m now a blogger – something I’m enjoying so so much). It’s so satisfying to finish a chapter, an article, or a blog post for people to read.

Words are something so moving to me, and lyrics are often the reason why I enjoy a particular song. I write whenever possible, and I read whenever possible. Being a blogger is so much more than writing your own posts. More than anything I enjoy reading the amazing stuff all of you offer to the world. Lately, these lovely posts definitely help me get through the working week. Thank you ♥

A Good Cup Of Tea

Get Through The Working Week

A nice, strong cup of tea is definitely one of my life sources. There’s nothing better! Especially if it’s paired with a chocolate digestive ♥

Even though I drink many through the week, cups of tea can be given a lot of credit for getting me through the week!

What do you do to get you through the working week?


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  1. Great ways to get us through the week! I totally agree with the beach. I would be there every day if I lived closer to one. And a cup of tea makes everything better. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Have a good week x

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