15 Top Fashion Picks: What’s New In ASOS This Week?

Fashion / Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Shopping is one of my all-time favourite hobbies. It’s a shame that the majority of my hobbies centres around the art of spending money – especially since I often have very little.

Oh well!

Let’s see what treasures this week’s ASOS search brings!


ASOS Petite Off the Shoulder Top with Ruffle Sleeve in Broderie



Really cute top, I love this but I don’t think I’d be able to pull it off – I’m pretty self-conscious of my shoulders 🙁 But if you can, go for it! It’s super cute with Spring (hopefully) on its way. Pair it with crop jeans or shorts like the ones shown!

Yas Pleated Midi Skirt



I almost glazed over this at first, I don’t think the photo really does this skirt justice. Have a mooch at the alternative pics to see for yourself. To be honest, I don’t think I’d pair it with this jumper because you’d need to be super skinny to not look frumpy. Instead, a light-coloured camisole top would be nice – and maybe a cardigan and a small blue belt. Just my opinion 😉

Pimkie Suedette Biker Jacket



I don’t usually buy things like this, but my eyes were drawn to this jacket and I actually really like it. It’s a bit of a statement piece, and personally, I would have to pick and choose when I’d wear it. But it would certainly look cute with a pair of black jeans and a little black scoop top <3

Pull&Bear Stripe Pinafore



Really cute, but again I wouldn’t pair with a jumper. I’d choose a tight-fitting, long-sleeved top (a light colour), and matching pair of tights. For shoes, I’d pick my Adidas black and white trainers, or – to dress the look up – my pair of heeled brogues.

ASOS Design Cotton Mini Skater Skirt with Button Front



This outfit is great – maybe not the shoes, I’d pick white vans, but still – I love this top and skirt paired together. I actually did see this top in the list of new things, but I breezed past it. Here, however, it works well.

E.L.K Crochet Patchwork Jumper



I actually love this! Festival season is coming, and I never know what to wear. I live in the UK, and the weather is notoriously terrible. I HATE being cold and this is perfect for the evening to pull on when the sun goes down….and easy to tie around the waist!

Sisley Cold Shoulder Mesh Panel Top



How glam! I love the monochrome look, and wide-leg crop trousers really go well with this top. It’s glamorous, but not over the top. This is definitely something I’d wear on a night out. Sexy, but not trying too hard, and not slutty <3 A winner!

French Connection Halterneck Maxi Dress



I think I might be taken by this picture – the way the fabric is swishing – but I just had to include it here. It’s bold and clean. Lovely! I have no idea where I would wear this – it’s not really something I’d wear on a night out – but maybe you, my lovely readers, would? Something told me not to skip past this FCUK beauty <3

Boux Avenue Spring Floral Print Kimono Robe



Love this print! And Boux Avenue do a little collection of nightwear which you can find here >> Top, and here >> Bottoms! Sultry, but also cute. I’d need to match it with a big pair of thick socks thought – I get so cold in bed!!!

Bronx and Banco Rainbow Tulle Maxi Dress



Okay, I know it’s expensive, but how could I bypass this??? I want to dress like a unicorn! Who’s with me?!

ASOS Design Kimono Plunge Midi Dress



This is awesome! I love the style and length, and it looks elegant, but also comfy (as a girl who has to wear a lot of dresses, comfort definitely has to become part of the deal). I’d wear a little cami top as I don’t like plunges much, but otherwise it’s a fab dress!

ASOS Design Classic Mac



I have the navy blue version of this coat, which I love, and which I bought 4 years ago. ASOS are still making these coats! Why? Because they’re awesome, sexy, and go with everything! They keep bringing them out in fab new colours. I wish I could justify having one of each…

ASOS Lace Pinny Scallop Edge Midi Prom Dress



I’m a sucker for anything pretty, lacy and modest, but still alluring. This dress fits all of that criteria, and is less than £100.00! I’d probably go for some block platform shoes instead of strappy, but I think this is a fab option for weddings, proms, conventions, and parties. Thumbs up!


ASOS Design Juiciest Espadrille Wedges



So cute! And I love closed-toe shoes, especially espadrilles. I have a pair of navy ones like this, but these are a fabulous find. Light coloured, perfect for Spring. Pair with skirt, shorts or jeans. They’ll go with everything 🙂

Fred Perry Aubrey Plimsoll Trainers



I’m always on the search for versatile shoes. And white plimsolls are one of the best for that quality. I like these Fred Perry ones, because they’re simple, and would look good with any outfit – even those Spring/Summer dresses we’re all hoping to drag out of the cupboard soon (when the weather clears up, that is!!!).

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